Welcome to the new website for the Kennedy One-Name Study. Use the tabs above to explore the different sections of the project.

Brief history of the project

I created the Kennedy One-Name Study including both the database and original web site in January 2006 and registration was accepted by the Guild of One-Name Studies on January 29th 2006 (member no. 4552).

Kennedy heraldic devices

The crest at the top of the page with the swimming dolphin is the Scottish Kennedy crest worn by followers of the Chief of the name of Kennedy, the Most Honourable the Marquess of Ailsa. Only the Chief may display the full arms. Read more about the arms of the Kennedy chief here. For a modern account of Scottish heraldry including some of the Kennedy branches try Bruce McAndrew's book "Scotland's Historic Heraldry". The book can be previewed on Google books. For an old classic try Alexander Nisbet's "System of Heraldry" where the Kennedy arms are described in chapter XVIII "The Cheveron".

Also shown below are the arms of the Irish Kennedys.


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