Corporum Genealogiarum Hiberniae

This book written in 1962 by MA O'Brien in Dublin lists amongst other items, all personal names the author could find in the early twelth century Oxford MS Rawlinson B.502 and the Book of Leinster, with back up references to the Books of Lecan and Ballymote. In addition to listing 'Ceinnetich' under Tribes and families, deriving it from the Dal Cais Cennetig m. Lorccain, he reports finding no less than 11 Cennetig individuals in the two aforementioned works, which are as follows. The somewhat terse usage of abbreviations is nonetheless hopefully clear, including the tribal affiliations in square brackets. For comparison he also found 58 Cinaeds (a name some claim is etymologically connected to Cennetig, which I dispute); and 104 Cormacs, but not sadly a Cormac mac Cennetig. In what follows, the numeric references are to Rawlinson B.502 and the LL references are to the Book of Leinster. I have highlighted in bold the references to the eponymous Cennetig m. Lorccain of Dal Cais and the earlier Cennetig m. Gaethine of Loichsi previously described.

Cennetig (g. Ceindich, Lec. BB.)

m. Ailgenain m. Mael-ruanaid [Eli] 154 a 28

m. Bruatair m. Cind-faelad [Musc.], LL 324 c 23

m. Cinaeda m. Domnail [L.8] LL. 317 cb 22 (Lec.)

m. Cinn-faelad m. Conchubuir Claenratha [Eog.], 154 d 10 (+ Lec. BB.)

m. Duind-chuan m. Cennetig [D.Cais] 152 b 50

m. Flaithnen m. Scandlain [Osr.],129 a 24

m. Gaethine m. Cinaeda [Loichsi], 127 a 32; LL, 337 g 21

m. Lorccain m. Lachtnai [D. Cais], 152 b 27, 30; 154 a 45; LL. 336 d 43

m. Morda m. Cinaeda [Loichsi], LL 337 g 17

m. Tipraite m. Indrechtaig [D. Cais], 152 b 20

Hua Briain, 146 d 51; LL. 334 ac 4