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Course dissertations

11.6.13 This is my 2013 course dissertation on Hugh Kennedy and the collapse of the Irish Constitution (word limit was 3000). This was awarded an 'A' grade (1st class Honours standard) by Glasgow University. See News entry 11.6.13 for further information.

12.4.12 This is my 2012 course dissertation on the American Kennedys (word limit was 1500). This was awarded an 'A' grade (1st class Honours standard) by Glasgow University. See News entry 11.4.12 for further information.

5.1.11 This is my 2010 course dissertation on my Kennedy study covering Ireland, Scotland and England (word limit was 3000). See News entry 5.1.11 for further information.

External articles

3.9.2010 You can now download for free my 2009 JOONS article 'A One-Name Study from the Scottish Gàidhealtachd' - it was even featured on the front cover!


John Kennedy, Abbot of Bangor fl. 1395 (updated 11.6.13)

William Kennedy of Dalgain, formerly of Kilhenzie (v2 updated 9.10.11)

Declarator of Marriage, Mrs. Alexander Kennedy (Kilhenzie)(new 9.10.11)

The greatest Kennedy of them all? (updated 3.12.09)

Kennedys at the massacre of Glencoe (new article 31.8.08)

Murtagh MacKennedy, Keeper of the Isle of Man 1313-1315

St Andrews Day Special: Sir Andrew Kennedy, Conservator of Scots Privileges in the Netherlands

Colonel Gilbert Kennedy of Ardmillan - from Ayrshire via Ulster to Bucks Co. Pennsylvania? (Ormonde Papers update 22.11.07)

The search for Ulrick (Ulric)(Ualraig) Kennedy (updated 21.10.07)

Henry Kennedy d. 1185 (updated 18.7.07)

John Kennedy of Laggan, the 'most famous thief in the Highlands'? (new 13.8.06)

Charters of Roland de Carryk (2.4.06)

Patrick McIlwrick (MacUlrick), an early 16th century lowland Scot? (new 23.12.07)

The DNA of Fergus, Lord of Galloway and progenitor of the first Kennedy?


1841/1851 Kennedy census of Fortingall/Rannoch (new 3.9.08)

Kennedys of Cultra (and other PRONI papers)

Geographical groups

Early Kennedys in England (updated 7.7.13).

Kennedys in the parochial register of Kilmonivaig, Inverness-shire (updated 4.1.2010)

Moray Kennedies (new 7.1.09)

Drymen parish, Stirling (updated 23.9.08)

Campsie parish, Stirling (new 16.9.08)

Kennedys of Rannoch Moor and Loch Rannoch (updated 6.8.07)

Kennedys in the parochial register of Fortingall, Perthshire (updated 16.12.07)

The founding of the Kennedys of Foss (1841 census extract 28.11.07; images added 26.11.07)

Leanachan and Brackletter, home of the Lochaber (Highland) Kennedies - pictures page added 5.6.06

"The retreat ended; a party of Glengarry Kennedys barred the way ..." (2.4.06)

Kennedys of Glen Spean (Roy Bridge/Inveroy/Bohuntin) (new 9.4.07)

Kennedys of 'Glencoe and Beyond' (new 10.9.06)

A complete survey of all Irish and Scottish Kennedy families in Campsie (updated 12.3.08)

Irish Kennedys in Scotland (new 12.3.08)

Kennedy trip reports

Kennedy gravestone survey summary (last updated 4.7.09)

Dublin - Nenagh - Limerick trip report November 2008 (first version 2.12.08)

Kennedy castles on the Scottish coast (my own pictures 4.3.06)

Kennedy castles tour 2008 (Dalquharran/Brunston/Bargany)(thumbnail images added 15.5.08)

Kennedys at the Edinburgh Festival 2006 (new 12.8.06) images added 17.9.06

Kennedy stall at the Troon (South Ayrshire) History Fair June 3rd 2006

The Kennedy Castles one-day tour (new 28.05.06)

Castle Kennedy (new 14.05.06)

Ailsa Craig (Ailsa Rock) corrected 26.05.06

Kennedy papers and archives

Ailsa Muniments - Family papers of the Earls of Cassillis (new 23.9.07, updated 5.10.07)

Glasgow Poor Relief records for Kennedys 1854-1920 (updated 21.5.08)

Challenges for the Earldom of Cassillis 1792-1825 (updated 9.2.08)

Scottish ports and their Customs Officers in 1743 (the search for Lewis Kennedy)(Kennedy records added 9.2.08)

Early Kennedy students at Edinburgh University (new 7.2.08)

Scottish Historical Review: articles of interest to Kennedy researchers (new 21.11.07)

Kennedys in the 1691-5 Hearth tax returns of Scotland (new 12.11.06)

Early Kennedy students at Leyden (Leiden) University from 1676 (new 18.11.07)

Kennedy museum exhibits (images added 19.9.07)


DNA Mutation simulations (old 2007 article lost in the site migration)

Scottish OPR - overview of the 12,000+ Kennedy entries (new 29.12.08)

Seventeenth century Kennedy sources (new 19.12.08)

Catholic Kennedy naming patterns (updated 2.11.08)

Personal Arms of the Marquis of Ailsa (updated 8.10.08)

The etymology of 'cennetig' (updated 16.8.08)

Surname dictionaries and the Kennedy name (second draft 12.8.07)

Kennedy place-names (updated 15.04.07)

The Kennedy - de Carrick connection (updated 25.12.06)

'Inverness Surnames': Kennedy (new 22.10.06)

The Flyting of Dunbar and Kennedy, a poem from 1504 (4.4.06)

Kennedys in the 1851 census of Scotland (16.3.06)

Kennedys in the '45 Jacobite Rebellion (15.3.06)

Are the Kennedys linked to the Camerons and MacDonalds? (updated 25.3.06)

From Rannoch Moor to Campsie: my personal Kennedy history trail

Forfeited Estate of Strowan

Perth County Prison - 1851 'spares'