English speaking (Kennedy) students of medicine at the University of Leyden

Extracted from the book by RW Innes Smith

Oliver & Boyd ed Tweeddale Court, London 33 Paternoster Row 1932

Based on the album of students at Leyden Uni. 1575-1875

Transcription Copyright © 2007 Iain Kennedy

There are 10 Kennedy entries, the earliest is 1676 Hugo Kennedy Scoto-Brit aet 20 med. The entries record the student's matriculation.


Kennedy, Antonius hibernus Sep 26 1697 at 20 med MA Edinburgh May 30 1695 as Scotohib

Kennedy, Gilbertus, Scoto-Britannus Cct 20 1712 at 20 died Lincolns Inn Field Dec 29 1780 c 100!

Kennedy, Henricus MacNeale, Hibernus Jul 29 1775 at 24

Kennedy, Hugo, Scoto-Brit Aug 7 1676 at 20

Kennedy, Hugo Scotus May 8 1684 30 inscribed at Glasgow 1672 there was a Dr Hugh Kennedy of Mauchline Ayrshire

Kennedy, Jacobus Scoto-Britannus Sep 13 1736 at 20 founded Royal Med Soc of Edinburgh with Cuming and Cleghorn travelled with a young man of fortune and became Captain of Dragoons vide 'Life of Lettsom' iii 289

Kennedy, Jacobus, Hibernus Oct 11 1740 at 20 practised at Downpatrick, Co. Down

Kennedy, Thomas Scotus Jun 23 1679 at 20

Kennedy (Cennedi) Thomas Scotus March 7 1681 aet 22 Med. MD Univ unknown. The Leyden thesis 'de nutritione Foetus' by this man in the B.M. is not pro gradu but is a 'thesis exercitii gratia' it is dated jul 15th 1682 and dedicated to the RCP Edin; Prof. Charles Drelincurtius; and to his father Rev Gilbert Kennedy. a distinguished Glasgow physician and member of the Glasgow faculty. In 1702 he was made burgess of the city of Glasgow 'for good service to the burgh'. He was appointed by Glasgow Univ to be one of the first examiners for the degree of MD Glasgow. This was in 1703. He died 1708. His father was Rev Gilbert Kennedy min. of Girvan who was deprived in 1662 and went to Ireland. 1702 burgess Glasgow; d 1708

Kennedy (Kennedus), Thomas Scotus Feb 23 1696 aet 28 med. MD halae, Jun 1705. 'de Temeramento' thesis at B.M. On it he is described as Scoto-Britannus. At the end of the thesis is a dedication to the Rev. Daniel Ernest Jablonski public orator to the royal court of Prussia and senior member of the clergy of the United Churches of the Bohemian Brethren throughout the greater parts of Poland and Prussia. There is also a testimonial from the Praeses Frederick Hoffman who addresses him as 'tu, nobilissime Scote'. Also another testimonial from George Ernest Stahl. He was inscribed at Utrecht in 1694. He was created D.D. Oxon 1706.