Patrik McIlwrik (MacUlrick)

Transcription Copyright © Iain Kennedy 22 Dec 2007

Reg. Sec. Sig. II (1529-1542) #2474, p369

'At Edinburgh, 24 Mar 1537/8

Ane lettre maid to Thomas Kennedy sone and apparend are to Alexander Kennedy of Bargany, his airis and assignais ane or ma, of the gift of all gudis movabill and unmovabill, dettis, takis, obligationis, soumes of money, and athiries quhatsumever, quhilkis pertenit to umquhill James Kennedy in the Schallauch of Glentig, and now pertenying or ony maner of way may pertene to our soverane lord be resoun of eschete, becaus he and Neil Boyd his servand, upoun the day of Marche instant [the day is not given] upoun auld feid and forthodit feleny, cruelly slew umquhill Patrik McIlwrik [MacUlrick] at Cragneil, also pertenyng or may pertene to our soverane lord for breking of his fenssis and arrestis, and for deforceing of his officiaris, or ony uthir maner of way pertenyng or may pertene to our soverane lord be resoun of eschete; with power etc. Per Signaturum'.

Interestingly, Cragneil was of old, a Kennedy seat (see Kevan MacDowall and Paterson). The only will I can find with the exact surname spelling McIlwrik is

13/04/1637 : Margrt McIlwrik spouse to Gilbert Rowane in Balliemoir, parish of Kirkcubrie (Testament Dative) Glasgow Commissary Court CC9/7/27

Balliemoir is an old spelling of Bellimore, a hill top farm later included in the Craigneil farm. The Water of Tig and Glen Tig are along the southern flank of Bellimore. The later date is interesting if the name McIlwrik is the same as MacUlrick, since by 1637 the Kennedys are proven to be at Leanachan in Lochaber from where the name MacUlrick is supposed to have arisen.