Scottish Historical Review: articles of interest to Kennedy researchers

Iain Kennedy

November 20th, 2007

Copyright © 2007 Iain Kennedy

I have indexed most of the volumes of the Scottish Historical Review up to 1993 (vols. 1-73). I hope to complete the remainder shortly. In the list below I mention all the articles that relates to the Kennedys, including books by them or about them.

Vol. 6 (1909) 'Did the [Fourth] Earl of Cassillis desert Mary Queen of Scots' [Note] by the Earl of Cassillis

Vol. 8 (1911) 'Letters from Francis Kennedy at Abbeyhill to Baron Kennedy at Dalquharran concerning the siege of Edinburgh 1745'.

Vol. 10 (19xx) 'Seafield Correspondence' by the Earl of Cassillis

Vol. 25 (19xx) 'Date of Bishop James Kennedy's death' [Note]

Vol. 29 (1948) pp 188-194 Review of Henrietta Taylor's 'Seven sons of the Provost', the history of the Kennedys of Dunure, by Gordon Donaldson

Vol. 31 (1952) Review of Annie Dunlop's 'Life and times of James Kennedy, Bishop of Saint Andrews' by Professor E. F. Jacob; also a further Note on the date of death of Bishop James Kennedy

Vol. 34 (1955) 'An extent of Carrick 1260'

Vol. 52 An appreciation of the late Dr. Annie I. Dunlop OBE (d. 23 Mar 1973), biographer of Bishop James Kennedy, by Ian Cowan

Vol. 53 An appreciation of the late Sir James Fergusson of Kilkerran, Keeper of the Records and Kennedy historian