Kennedys in the '45 Uprising

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Volume 2 of 'Prisoners of the '45' lists some 20 or so Kennedys. I hope to transcribe all the references, but in summary 3 of them gave their place of origin as Rannoch, one more Perthshire and two further as 'Highlanders'. Only 1 man was executed, an apprentice jeweller from Edinburgh called Archibald Kennedy.

The final fate of these 20 Kennedys is not fully known; apart from the one known to have been executed, some were released and some were shipped overseas.

The Rannoch Men

No 1436 Donald Kennedy, Glengarry's regiment. Prison career 1.2.46 Stirling; 13.2.46 Leith, Canongate, 8.8.46 Carlisle origin Rannoch Age unknown. Notes: with baggage horse , Canongate. Does not appear to have been transported. Disposal unknown

No 1437 Dougal Kennedy, regiment unknown. Prison career 1.2.46 Stirling, 7.2.46 Stirling castle; 13.2.46 Leith Disposal: Discharged. Origin Rannoch. With baggage horse. Herdboy

No 1438 Duncan Kennedy, Glengarry's regiment 7.2.46 Stirling castle. Discharged. Origin Rannoch; attended to baggage 'Probably this and the above two were related'

The Perthshire man:

No 1443 John Kennedy, Keppoch's regiment. Prison Inverness Jun 1746. Transported 'Jane of Leith' Tilbury. Origin Perthshire Age 54


Authored by Iain Kennedy 15th March 2006



Prisoners of the '45 (three volumes)

List of persons concerned in the rebellion (Scottish Record Society)

Both these books were consulted in the National Library of Scotland, Edinburgh.