Roland de Carryk - the first Kennedy?

Copyright © 2007 Iain Kennedy

A copy of the early charters of the 14th century can be found in William Robertson's book 'Index of Charters 1309-1413'.

'Ane Roll of Robert II. It contains 20 charters granted by King Robert II and seem to have been granted in the second year of the king's reign'. [Robert ascended to the throne in 1371].

'#6 Confirming a charter of confirmation by King Alexander II of a grant by Neil, Earl of Carrick to Roland de Carryk and his heirs, constituting them head of their tribe or clan (progeniei sue), in all matters pertaining to the kenkynoll.

'tam in calumpniis quam aliis articalis et negotiis ad kenkynoll pertinere valentibus' with the office of Bailliary of the foresaid country (Carryk) and of leading the men thereof, under the Earl. King Alexander's charter is dated at Strivelyne the 20th of January in the 27th year of his reign, before these witnesses; Alexander Stewart of Scotland, James his son, and Richard de Setoun.

#7 Carta confirming the above-mentioned original charter itself by Neil Earl of Carrick, to Roland de Carryk. Earl Neil's charter has neither place nor date but the following witnesses ...

#8 apparently intended as a confirmation of a remission by King Robert I in favour of Gilbert de Carryk, knyght for surrendering the castle of Louchdone to the English and for delivering Cristofer de Setoun that king's son-in-law.

NB each of the three above charters has on the margin of the roll these words in an ancient character; 'Confirmatio Johannis Kenedy'.